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About Blomdahl USA was founded in 2001 by Dave Loftus. Dave had been introduced to Lars Blomdahl and learned about his Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System. A vision and a company were born. Our initial focus was on developing a network of provider physicians for the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System in the United States. We have steadily grown and now have well over 1000 participating physicians.

In time Blomdahl AB in Sweden developed Caring Earrings. These are the skin friendly earrings featured on this website. Thousands and thousands of families struggling with nickel sensitivity have found a solution. We are committed to making Blomdahl Caring Earrings readily available in the United States.

Blomdahl USA continues our quest to find more doctors willing to help families find a safe ear piercing alternative. We are also proud to launch our new website, complete with many new styles. Dave’s daughter Christine has joined the company and leads the website development project and is also very involved with the ear piercing portion of the business.

Blomdahl USA offers truly great products and we continually strive to be a great company as well.
Quality Materials All our products are manufactured by Blomdahl AB in Sweden using modern clean room technology. The posts and backs on our ear piercing studs and Caring Earrings are carefully crafted from medical grade materials. We use medical plastic and medical grade titanium. Both these materials are approved for use inside the human body. To the best of our knowledge, no other company is creating jewelry from these medical grade materials.
Skin Friendly Earrings For people with severe nickel sensitivity our earrings are the only earrings they can wear. For people with moderate nickel sensitivity our earrings are the only ones they can wear comfortably 24/7. This is because of the unique medical grade materials (described above) used in our manufacturing process. Many families choose our earrings for their children in order to avoid nickel and the possible development of an allergy. If nickel allergy is a concern for you and your family, you can confidently join the family of happy Blomdahl customers.