Nickel-Free Earrings Are The Answer To Jewelry Allergies

Posted by Blomdahl USA on Jan 27th 2019

Have you ever felt the satisfaction and excitement while buying gorgeous earrings, only to discover that it makes your earlobes sore? You probably have a jewelry allergy. For people who have a problem wearing earrings, hypoallergenic jewelry that is nickel-free is the perfect solution.

What You Need to Know About Nickel

First, consider what it is that’s causing your poor earlobes so much discomfort. Think about all those moments when you removed your favorite earrings and found that your earlobes looked red and painful to touch. That’s usually because of nickel, a metal commonly used in earrings, jewelry, zippers and a wide range of products. It’s relatively inexpensive, which helps manufacturers cut costs.

Nickel is in many things we touch or wear every day, and it may not even be obvious that you have a problem with it. However, the real issue occurs when your skin comes into direct contact for a long time. Take preventative measures to reduce your exposure to this metal.

The Best Alternative Is Nickel-Free Earrings

Wearing nickel-free jewelry is the easiest way to ensure that your skin remains safe. Since it’s nickel that causes the telltale irritation that sometimes leads to rashes and blisters, eliminating it from your jewelry box is the most practical way to feel better.

Unfortunately, there are only a few jewelry manufacturers that understand it’s possible to look and feel great at the same time, without putting your skin at risk. Seek out medical grade jewelry labeled “nickel-free,” and remember that it’s not enough to find hypoallergenic jewelry. When you buy a product crafted without nickel, you’re purchasing something made with 100% pure metals, such as stainless steel, titanium or platinum. Another option is medical grade plastic. Always steer clear of costume jewelry because they usually contain nickel.

Healthy and Fashionable

Imagine your world with unlimited earring options. A world in which your earlobes never suffer from irritation, redness or pain. Invest in nickel-free, hypoallergenic jewelry. It doesn’t mean that you’re limited to a single pair of studs or a basic set of hoops.

Modern designers understand there is a large segment of people with sensitive skin and ears. They know the ever-changing tastes and personalities of their customers. Jewelry designers take those diverse preferences into account and design beautiful, nickel-free earring options to please every age and style.

If you have sensitive skin, you’re no longer limited. There’s a pair for everyone and every occasion.

Why You Don’t Have to Take It Off

Do you envy those people who can wear their earrings to bed and in the shower without a second thought? Something is comforting about wearing your earrings all the time and not worrying about jewelry allergies. Medical grade jewelry allows you that freedom. With your health and comfort in mind, nickel-free earrings, necklaces, and bracelets won’t put you at risk of developing those allergic reactions.

Nickel-free earrings and hypoallergenic jewelry will protect your skin, even if you never take it off.

Kids Should Wear Only Medical Grade Jewelry

Children are especially susceptible to developing jewelry allergies. You might notice it the first time you pierce your baby’s ears because she develops a rash during the recovery period, or it might not occur until later in life. Play it safe, use only nickel-free earrings. Bear in mind that kids are far more likely to scratch or tug at their skin when they’re uncomfortable, which means they’re also more susceptible to extreme irritation. The best choices for kid’s earrings are titanium earring studs or medical grade plastic earrings.

To protect your child’s delicate skin and your sensitive ears, you’ll find a stunning selection of designer hypoallergenic, medical grade earrings at Blomdahl USA. Browse our digital catalog and complete your wardrobe today.