5 Reasons to Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings

Posted by Blomdahl USA on May 17th 2019

Alecia is a very protective mom, the kind of 5 foot “Mama Bear” that shields her baby, Melissa, from everything. For instance, when she got Melissa’s ears pierced, she checked that the person had g … read more

Why Everyone Loves Medical-Grade Earrings

Posted by Blomdahl USA on May 15th 2019

For most people, jewelry is an accent that can enhance any outfit. A beautiful statement necklace adds drama to a little black dress, a pair of pearl earrings can put the finishing touch on a brida … read more

Medical-Grade Earrings Save Your Ears

Posted by Blomdahl USA on May 15th 2019

Just like delicious junk food, sometimes the jewelry that we love can turn into something that makes us ill and uncomfortable. For people with allergies or sensitivities to nickel, this is a famili … read more

Are Your Earrings Nickel-Free?

Posted by Blomdahl USA on May 7th 2019

Have you ever seen a child or woman pulling at her ear lobes because they are red, itchy and inflamed? The most common cause is contact dermatitis from nickel in the earrings. The sensitive tissue r … read more

The Truth About Medical-Grade, Nickel-Free Earrings

Posted by Blomdahl USA on May 2nd 2019

Shopping for earrings used to be easy. You chose either yellow gold, silver, white gold with a diamond or colored gemstone. Now it seems that so many women and girls have allergic reactions to earri … read more