Jewelry as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Blomdahl Skin Friendly Jewelry gives those who suffer from nickel allergy a second chance to wear earrings again! In the United States, it can be very confusing when looking for nickel free earrings or hypoallergenic earrings. All of our earrings are made with Medical Plastic or Medical Grade Titanium. These medical grade materials ensure maximum comfort and safety for people who struggle with nickel sensitivity.

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Medical Ear Piercing

Blomdahl provides maximum ear piercing safety for American families by combining unique medical technology and a network of medical professionals. Using strict medical design and manufacturing protocols we make an ear piercing system that addresses the health risks associated with ear piercing blood-borne viruses and nickel allergy.

With Blomdahl, you can be assured of a safe and skin friendly ear piercing experience.


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