Skin Friendly Jewelry

For Everyone Including People With Allergies!

Blomdahl is jewelry developed in consultation with skin specialists that is proven to be skin friendly. Many people with allergies who have tried our jewelry testify that they can wear earrings for the first time, in a long time, without any problems. Choose from carefully selected plastic and titanium, of pure medical quality. The plating is only applied to the parts of the jewelry that don't come into direct contact with your skin.

Medical-Grade Titanium

The safest of all metals because it binds what little nickel there is extremely well. In other words, little or no nickel is released into the skin and underlying tissue. Blomdahl uses only pure medical grade titanium, ensuring that most nickel allergy suffers can wear our titanium earrings.

Medical Plastic

0% Nickel. Even patients with the most severe nickel allergy can wear Blomdahl Medical Plastic Earrings. We have taken the material used in surgical sutures and hardened it. There is over 35 years of experience with this material being non-reactive

  • Hygienic Packaging

    You're the first person to come into contact with your new jewelry from Blomdahl. It comes delivered in a Clean Pack, which stores the jewelry hygienically until you open it. The label acts as a seal.

  • Extra Care

    Obviously children shouldn't be exposed to unsuitable materials and substances*. This is particularly important when they wear jewelry close to their skin for a long period. Blomdahl is therefore recommended for children and adults who want to be able to wear jewelry every day, without it posing a health risk.

  • Made in Sweden

    Blomdahl is designed and made in Sweden, which means we have full control over the entire process. From the suppliers, via our own production with assembly and packaging of the finished jewelry, to the delivery to the store or salon. We check and record everything so that we can guarantee the jewelry is kind to your skin.

Keep your jewelry looking good for longer
  1. Handle your skin friendly jewelry with care and it will stay beautiful for longer.
  2. Remove your jewelry when showering. Avoid exposing your jewelry to make up, hair care products, alcohol and other chemicals.
  3. In order for your jewelry to retain its luster, remove and clean it with soapy water as often as possible. For earrings made of medical plastic, this also means that the earring backs will be more secure.
  4. Earrings made out of medical plastic are usually quite resistant, yet the posts, hooks and pendants are soft and need to be handled carefully.
  5. In order to make the titanium earring backs tighter and therefore more secure, press the loops of the earring back slightly together before use.

Skin is the body’s defense against danger. And it should last for a long time. You nurture it tenderly with creams and treatments, and wash your clothes in a mild laundry detergent.

But your skin can still take a beating sometimes. For example, you can develop a nickel allergy if you wear jewelry that contains nickel. An allergy that stays with you for life. But jewelry can contain many other harmful substances as well.* A safe way of choosing skin friendly jewelry is to choose Blomdahl.

* Nickel allergy is the most common contact allergy, but jewelry can contain many other allergenic substances, such as cobalt, gold, epoxy and acrylates. They can even contain toxic, carcinogenic or other inappropriate substances such as lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA).

Bracelets and necklaces from Blomdahl have a beautiful and skin friendly gold or silver coloured coating.
As chains and pendants do not sit as close to the skin as rings, earrings and nose jewelry do, they can be completely covered with our skin friendly coating. To protect your skin and your health, Blomdahl uses a coating that has been developed in consultation with skin specialists.