Ear Piercings and Hypoallergenic Earrings for Kids

Posted by Blomdahl USA on Jun 24th 2019

Getting a child's ears pierced is an exciting moment, especially for parents. You can't wait to see how good the bling will look on those cute little ears. If you have a girl who is a little older, … read more

Best Earrings for Teens with Sensitive Ears

Posted by Blomdahl USA on Jun 20th 2019

For teenagers, jewelry and accessories can play a significant role in their self-expression. During this critical stage, many young teenagers will do anything to fit in—or stand out from the crowd. … read more

Safely Pierce Your Baby’s Ears

Posted by Blomdahl USA on Jun 12th 2019

Getting your ears pierced is considered a rite of passage. In some cultures, the child chooses, and in others, it’s performed only moments after birth. For instance, Latin cultures consider it to be … read more

Ear Piercing For Kids: What Is The Best Age?

Posted by Blomdahl USA on May 29th 2019

I can still remember asking my mom if I could get my ears pierced and how cool I felt the day after I did it. It wasn’t much of a hard sell. I was, after all, a big girl now. I picked out all of my … read more